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Creative Global Funding Services (“CGFS”) specializes in arranging senior and sub-debt financing for companies that are unable to secure sufficient bank financing. With a vast network of several hundred non-traditional money sources, CGFS caters to companies that are either struggling or expanding and require funding to develop or sustain their business.

CGFS works with various funders, finance groups, capital raise firms, and non-bank lenders who are specifically equipped to provide financing to companies that are unable to obtain adequate capital through conventional means. This makes CGFS a reliable and valuable option for companies seeking funding solutions that cater to their unique financial circumstances.

Client Profile

If a company or entity requires immediate funding and is unable to obtain commercial financing through conventional sources, particularly if it is a developmental stage company or has losses, negative net worth, tax liens, is in Chapter 11, or has personal credit problems of its principals, Creative Global Funding Services can offer a valuable solution.

Type of Funding Provided

Revolving Credit Lines Conventional
Bridge FinancingFactoring
Church LoansBusiness Start-Up Loans
Purchase Order FinancingAsset Based Loans
Acquisition FinancingLetter of Credit Financing
Inventory LoansFunding for Healthcare Providers
DIP and Exit FinancingEquipment Financing
Cash Flow LoansMezzanine Financing
Real Estate FinancingEquity Participation
Loan GuaranteesConstruction Loans
Film Financing100% on Project Financing

Loan Range

$1,000,000.00 USD and Up (typical transactions range from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000)


4% to 12% per annum on most debt financing transactions.
1% per month and higher on discount factoring.
1% per month and up on PO financing.
3% to 12% APR on Real Estate Transactions.

Time Line to Close

Bridge Loans can be completed within 10 days Most other transactions take approximately 30 to 120 days to fund from the receipt of all compliance.

How We Work

As an international agent or correspondent, Creative Global Funding Services works with several hundred funders, finance groups, capital raise firms, and lenders. When reviewing a new funding request, CGFS focuses on various aspects such as the borrower’s geographic location, loan size, industry type, collateral (if any), mix of collateral, historical cash flows, credit profile, and other specific requirements. After identifying potential funders, finance groups, capital raise firms, lenders, etc., CGFS sends a written synopsis of the transaction to them and further communicates to select the most suitable candidate who can provide the best overall proposal. CGFS’s primary objective is to obtain the best financing transaction available for its clients. CGFS does not earn a closing fee unless the client is satisfied and accepts the financing it has arranged..

Creative Global Funding Services Fees

We typically earn a success fee at closing of 1% to 3% on the funded amount, determined primarily by the loan size but also by the type of transaction and other factors.

Refundable Retainer.

To initiate the funding process, we require a small retainer fee, which is refundable based on the terms defined in the final fee agreement reviewed and signed off by the client before payment. The terms of the retainer fee will be determined by the client’s representations made on our funding worksheets. We incur the initial expenses involved in reviewing and analyzing the transaction, followed by further review with a specific funder, finance group, capital raise firm, or lender. The selection of the funder, finance group, capital raise firm, or lender will be based on various factors, including the borrower’s industry type, geographic location, loan size, credit profile, type and mix of collateral, etc. The funder, finance group, capital raise firm, or lender must express a defined interest in providing a proposal with specific terms, based on the representations made by the client. We work on a non-exclusive basis, and the borrower is free to accept other financing or pursue other available options at a later date that may preclude a closing from occurring. In such an event, the retainer will cover our costs.

Funding Application Process

1. Client or client’s broker to complete and submit Starter Form (“Apply Now” Button)
2. Client or client’s broker to receive a Funding Worksheet
3. Client or client’s broker to complete and submit Funding Worksheet.
4. Client or client’s broker to receive either a Funding Proposal or a Decline of Funding Application based on information provided on Funding Worksheet.

If Funding Proposal Issued:

5. Client to review and approve Funding Proposal.
6. Client to receive and sign Fee Agreement.
7. Client to remit a Fully Refundable Retainer by crypto currency transfer (USDT.
8. Client introduced to Funder/Finance Group/Capital Raise Firm/Lender, etc.
9. Funder/Finance Group/Capital Raise Firm/Lender etc. gathers all relevant documentation from client to review and confirm all information provided in the Funding Worksheet*
10. Assuming all information is confirmed and all diligence supports an affirmative decision, Funder/Finance Group/Capital Raise Firm/Lender will arrange funding. Normal timeline for completion of funding is approximately 30 to 120 days from receipt of all necessary compliance documents and reviews.

How to Complete Funding Forms

1. Be brief in your answers – do not exceed the space provided.
2. Complete all fields.
3. Do not refer to “see attached” on worksheets. This will result in automatic decline of loan.
4. Be sure all numbers provided are accurate, are in USD and have proper format.

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