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Creative Global Funding Services

Business Funding Options

• Term Loans
• Lines of Credit
• Credit Cards
• Factoring Services
• Monetization of Financial Instruments
• Revolving Credit Lines
• Bridge Financing Creative Global Funding Ser

Business Startup Funding

• Minimum Funding Amount is $1,000,000 USD
• No Maximum Funding Amount
• Can be all debt
• Can be a blend of debt and equity or all Equity

Business Term Loans

Business Term Loans
•$25,000 to $500,000 USD
•Interest Rate: 5% to 15%
•Term: 3 to 7 years
•680+ Score Required
•Tax Returns Required
•Terms and Conditions Apply

Business Credit Cards

• Limit $100,000 USD
• 0% for up to 13 months
• 700+ Required
• Terms and Conditions Apply
• Available in USA ONLY

Funding for Businesses and Projects Worldwide

Our expertise in small business loans, merchant cash advances, and unsecured business loans empowers non-bankable individuals and businesses who face challenges in securing traditional financing. According to the Small Business Administration, alternative financing options are essential for small businesses to grow and succeed. We understand the unique needs of non-bankable clients and are dedicated to offering innovative and tailored financial options to help you achieve your goals and drive success.

✅ Revolving Credit Lines✅ Conventional
✅ Bridge Financing✅ Factoring
✅ Church Loans✅ Business Start-Up Loans
✅ Purchase Order Financing✅ Asset-Based Loans
✅ Acquisition Financing✅ Letter of Credit Financing
✅ Inventory Loans✅ Funding for Healthcare Providers
✅ DIP and Exit Financing✅ Equipment Financing
✅ Cash Flow Loans✅ Mezzanine Financing
✅ Real Estate Financing✅ Equity Participation
✅ Loan Guarantees✅ Construction Loans
✅ Film Financing✅ 100% on Project Financing