Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to Know Creative Global Funding Services

What is Creative Global Funding Services?
Creative Global Funding Services is a financial consulting organization that specializes in providing funding sourcing and investment solutions for creative projects. We assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in securing financial support for various creative ventures, including but not limited to business startups, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring services, working capital, project development and many other funding solutions.

Is Creative Global Funding Services licensed by a regulatory body?
No. Creative Global Funding Services is simply a consulting firm that assists business clients on a worldwide basis to source capital.

What types of funding consulting services does Creative Global Funding Services offer?
We offer a range of funding options tailored to the specific needs of creative projects. These include business loans, business lines of credit, business credit cards, personal credit cards, JV partners, and equity capital placement. Our team works closely with clients to determine the most suitable funding option based on their project requirements, financial situation, and long-term goals.

Does Creative Global Funding Services provide funding worldwide?
Yes. Creative Global Funding Services operates internationally and can provide funding solutions to clients from various countries and regions. We believe in supporting creativity and innovation on a global scale. However, please note that certain funding options may have specific geographic limitations or requirements, and our team will inform you about such considerations during the application process.

More about Creative Global Funding Services' Operations

Can Creative Global Funding Services assist with project development beyond funding?
While our primary focus is on funding, we understand that the success of creative projects often involves more than just financial support. We maintain a network of industry professionals and experts who can provide additional guidance and mentorship in areas such as project development, marketing, and distribution. We strive to offer holistic support to enhance the chances of success for our funded projects.

Where are Creative Global Funding Services' Investors and Lenders located?
The vast majority of our lenders and investors are located in the USA.

What criteria are considered during the funding evaluation process?
When evaluating funding applications, we consider several factors, including its potential impact and market viability, financial sustainability, and the applicant's track record or qualifications. We aim to support projects that demonstrate innovation, creativity, and a clear vision for success.

How long does the funding evaluation process take?
The duration of the funding evaluation process can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the volume of applications received. We strive to review applications as efficiently as possible and provide timely responses. However, it may take several weeks to thoroughly assess each proposal and make informed decisions. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Further Details on Funding by Creative Global Funding Services

What is the minimum funding amount available?
The minimum funding amount in the USA is $25,000 USD. The minimum funding amount in Canada is $20,000 CAD. The minimum funding amount outside Canada and the USA is $1,000,000 USD/Euros.

What is the maximum funding amount available?
There is no maximum funding amount available.

Are there any restrictions on the usage of funds obtained through Creative Global Funding Services?
While we encourage creative freedom and flexibility, there may be certain restrictions on fund usage depending on the funding option chosen. The funds must be used for a legal business purpose and not be used to support criminal activities. Equity investments may involve terms and conditions that influence the use of funds. Our team will provide detailed information and guidance regarding any restrictions associated with the funding option you select.

Does Creative Global Funding Services charge any upfront fees?
Creative Global Funding Services does not charge an upfront fee to accept an application but rather evaluates and underwrites all submissions at its own expense.

When does Creative Global Funding Services charge fees for their services?
Creative Global Funding Services charges a refundable retainer upon presentation and acceptance of a funding proposal to the client. In addition, Creative Global Funding Services charges a commission ranging from 1 to 3% of the funded amount upon successful funding. Commissions are paid from proceeds of capital.

Additional Queries about Creative Global Funding Services

Why is a refundable retainer charged?
Creative Global Funding Services charges a refundable retainer as they do require an exclusive contract with the client so if the client changes their mind during the funding process, decides to take another competitive offer or has misrepresented the deal so significantly that the deal cannot be funded by the identified funder, Creative Global Funding Services has the retainer to compensate its organization and staff for time and money spent.

Why does Creative Global Funding Services require payment of its refundable retainer in USDT (Crypto Currency)?
Our banks have advised that when Creative Global Funding Services sends out its banking coordinates on a worldwide basis for payment of the retainer, we expose our company to an increased incidence of fraud and attempted hacks on our bank account.

Why do Creative Global Funding Services lenders and investors charge the client fees before funds are advanced?
There are substantial costs that lenders and investors must expend to determine if the deal that they are being presented with has any merit. Examples of these expenses are appraisals, valuations, legal fees, environmental studies, feasibility studies etc. If for some reason the deal does not prove out no private lender, private investor or bank is willing to bear these expenses, hence the charge of fees before disbursement.

Clarifications Regarding Creative Global Funding Services Policies

Can the refundable retainer and or loan fees be held in an escrow account?
No. An escrow account is not cost effective and further if there is any dispute over the funding process, these funds can be tied up for years until all litigation has completed meaning that neither Creative Global Funding Services, the lender or the client has access to these funds for years. In addition, there are now documented situations in which the escrow company has stolen escrow funds.

Will Creative Global Funding Services disclose who the investor or lender is in advance of a Fee Agreement being signed a refundable retainer paid?
No. For clients that offer an NDA, these documents are relatively useless, and difficult to enforce.

Will Creative Global Funding Services change its Terms Letters or Fee Agreement?
No. The documentation templates that have been developed are not open to change based on client suggestions or lawyers’ concerns. Were we to attempt to accommodate every suggestion for change we would incur unsustainable legal fees that would make our intake process more cumbersome and expensive for all involved.

Meeting Policy at Creative Global Funding Services

The short answer is No, and the reasons are numerous:

  • An in-person meeting presents a security risk to our staff.
  • An in-person meeting is time ineffective – much more effective use of time to simply schedule a zoom call or phone call.
  • An in-person meeting does not prove or disprove credibility. There are many examples of fraudsters who have gladly met with clients (Madoff...) and so meeting in person proves nothing.
  • We have had a colleague shot and killed at such a meeting.
  • We receive bomb threats and death threats on a regular basis, so we certainly do not want to expose ourselves to increased risk.
  • Creative Global Funding Services is not the funder so pitching an idea in-person to us is meaningless.
Applying for Funding at Creative Global Funding Services

Our funding services are available to startups, established businesses and project developers worldwide. Anyone can apply for funding consulting services that is working in a legal industry within the jurisdiction that they are working.

How do I apply for funding from Creative Global Funding Services?

To apply for funding, you can visit our website (www.cgfs.biz) and click on the "Apply Now" button on your desktop or the large plus sign on your mobile device. There, you will find the application form and guidelines for submitting your project proposal. The application process typically involves providing detailed information about your project, including its objectives, budget, timeline, and expected outcomes. Our team will review your application and contact you to discuss further steps.

How can I contact Creative Global Funding Services for further inquiries?

For further inquiries or to seek assistance, you can reach out to Creative Global Funding Services through the contact information provided on our website. Our team will be happy to answer your questions. WWW.CGFS.BIZ