Private Capital Placement to Fund Businesses

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Private capital placement is an attractive option for business owners because it gives them access to funds without the burden of having to go out and find investors. This means you can secure your funding without having to worry about chasing down individual lenders or corporate partners — all while maintaining control over your company.

Minimum 10 MM USD, Maximum 99 MM USD

CIS, Passport, POF required to start the paperwork

To begin, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • CIS, Passport and POF (Proof of Funds). The Client Information Sheet (CIS) is a document that contains personal information about you as well as details about your business and its operations. Your passport or national ID card is used to verify your identity on this form. A proof of funds statement is required for all investors who wish to invest in any project(s) via private capital placement arrangements.

Structure set up at Bank of America (BofA)

Bank of America is a large institution with a global presence. It is regulated by the US Federal Reserve and other regulatory bodies, as well as subject to many rules and guidelines. Bank of America has been around for over 200 years, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to banking! They also have a well-known brand in the financial services industry so you can be sure that any money deposited there will be safe from prying eyes.

Two Trust Account Structure:

The first trust account is a gathering account for funds. The second trust account is where the funds are blocked and reside for the contracted duration period. Both accounts at BofA where funds move ledger to ledger. Two separate attorneys assigned to the respective account for their oversight


Term: one year with possible rolls and extensions subject to market

Rolls and extensions are possible if the project is profitable and there is a demand for it in the market.


Disbursements: monthly to preauthorized designated account


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