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Exploring Investment Opportunities in Canada

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The Canadian economy is in a very good place. The nation’s unemployment rate is at its lowest level since 1976, and wages are rising faster than inflation. Canada has also been expanding its trade relationships with other nations, including the United States and Mexico. This creates opportunities for investors who want to take advantage of an economy that’s growing strongly despite ongoing economic challenges around the world. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best investment opportunities available in Canada right now: real estate, technology, healthcare infrastructure (including renewable energy), and more!


The Canadian tech sector has been growing at a rapid pace over the past few years. According to data from the Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA), there have been more than 1,200 venture capital deals made since 2013–a more than 50% increase compared with previous years.

Canada is quickly becoming known as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), thanks to our strong startup culture and top universities like University of Toronto, McGill University and McMaster University that are producing some of the world’s brightest minds.

We’ve also seen several large acquisitions recently: Microsoft buying Vancouver-based AI company Maluuba; Google acquiring Kitchener-based DeepMind Technologies; Facebook acquiring Montreal’s Asana Inc.; Salesforce buying Toronto’s RelateIQ Inc.; Amazon snapping up Victoria Bc based speech recognition company IVONA Software Ltd., etc.


Renewables are a growing market. Canada is a leader in renewable energy and has invested billions of dollars into developing this industry. Renewables are a good investment, with the potential for long-term returns on your investment. Here’s an example:

  • Wind Mobile (WIND) is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Canada, offering wireless service across Canada through its network of more than 50,000 towers. It also offers Internet access through Wi-Fi hotspots throughout its coverage area and broadband internet services to customers who don’t have access to cable television or DSL internet services at home or work

Real Estate

Real estate is a great investment opportunity in Canada. There are many markets to choose from, but the Toronto and Vancouver markets are both popular choices for investors. It’s important to note that there are different types of real estate investments depending on what you’re looking for:

  • For residential properties, you can buy a home or rent it out as an income property (i.e., get paid monthly by someone who rents your home).
  • For commercial properties like office buildings or warehouses, these tend not be owned by individuals but rather corporations who use them for business purposes; these types of investments usually require more capital upfront than residential ones do because they require more upkeep costs as well as taxes associated with owning commercial space instead of residential homes which don’t have any taxes attached per se (unless you have tenants living there).


Canada’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. In fact, many people come to Canada for medical treatment because they know that our hospitals and medical institutions are some of the best in the world.

Canada has a universal healthcare system–it’s funded through taxes rather than private insurance or fees paid by patients. This means everyone gets access to quality care without having to worry about paying out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and co-pays (though this may change under Donald Trump). Canada has been providing free or low-cost doctor visits since 1971; today all provinces except Quebec have agreed to provide free prescription drugs starting January 1st 2019!


Infrastructure is a major component of the Canadian economy. According to the Canadian government, infrastructure spending accounts for about 2% of GDP and has been increasing over time:

  • In 2017, it was $62 billion (USD).
  • In 2018, it’s expected to be $65 billion (CAD).

And according to Statistics Canada, infrastructure investments will continue climbing in 2019 and 2020 as well:

  • 2020 — $73 billion;
  • 2021 — $76 billion;

This means that infrastructure investments will contribute significantly towards economic growth in Canada over this period.


Canada is a great place to invest in tech, renewables, real estate, healthcare and infrastructure.

  • Tech: Canada has been a leader in fintech innovation since its early days as an agricultural economy. Today, it’s home to some of the world’s most successful startups like Shopify and Kik Interactive Inc., which both went public within the last year.
  • Renewables: Thanks to its abundant natural resources–including wind power–and hydroelectricity facilities built decades ago by Hydro-Quebec that can be expanded upon today, Canada has become one of the top producers of renewable energy in North America (and beyond).
  • Real Estate: With so much demand for new housing units across all major cities across Canada over recent years thanks to young adults entering into adulthood without owning property yet or wanting more space than their parents did when they were younger; there are plenty opportunities for investors looking into this segment right now!


We believe that Canada is a great place to invest in the future. We hope that this article has given you some ideas about where to put your money and why these industries are worth exploring.

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