Creative Global Funding Services

Funding Options

• Business Funding Solutions
• Lines of Credit
• Business Credit Cards
• Mezzanine Finance
• A blend of debt and equity
• Equity / JV
• Monetization of Financial Instruments

Startup Funding

• Minimum 1mm USD
• Up to 100% Loan to Cost
• Debt
• Debt & Equity
• Equity
• 30 Year Amortization
• 6.5% to 10.5%
• No Personal Guarantee
• No Credit Check Required

Unsecured Term Loan

Term Loan.
•$25,000 to $350,000 USD
•Interest Rate: 5% to 15%
•Term: 3 to 7 years
•680+ Score Required
•Tax Returns Required
•Terms and Conditions Apply

Business CC

Bus. Credit Card• Limit up to 100k
• 0% for up to 13 months
• Accounts do not show on personal credit
• 680+ Required

Understanding your Needs

Welcome to Creative Global Funding Services, the premier provider of Funding for Businesses and Projects Worldwide. Our expertise in small business loans, merchant cash advances, and unsecured business loans empowers non-bankable individuals and businesses who face challenges in securing traditional financing. According to the Small Business Administration, alternative financing options are essential for small businesses to grow and succeed. We understand the unique needs of non-bankable clients and are dedicated to offering innovative and tailored financial options to help you achieve your goals and drive success.

✅ Revolving Credit Lines✅ Conventional
✅ Bridge Financing✅ Factoring
✅ Church Loans✅ Business Start-Up Loans
✅ Purchase Order Financing✅ Asset-Based Loans
✅ Acquisition Financing✅ Letter of Credit Financing
✅ Inventory Loans✅ Funding for Healthcare Providers
✅ DIP and Exit Financing✅ Equipment Financing
✅ Cash Flow Loans✅ Mezzanine Financing
✅ Real Estate Financing✅ Equity Participation
✅ Loan Guarantees✅ Construction Loans
✅ Film Financing✅ 100% on Project Financing

Recently Funded Deals:

  • Creative Global Funding Services, was able to fund an Account Receivable Revolving Line of Credit 2020. 1.25M USD

    New York 1.25m USD
  • Creative Global Funding Services recently funded a Conventional Bank Term Loan, 7.5% - 3.215M USD

    Phoenix Arizona 3.215m USD
  • Creative Global Funding Services was able to recently save a flagged Hotel Refinance 13.9M USD

    Georgia 13.9m USD
  • Creative Global Funding Services was able to fund an Expansion Loan of 2.5M USD

    Las Vegas NV 2.5m USD


  • "He is knowledgeable and very willing to help others"

    David Lamb Florance, KY
  • "I have known Greg for years, a leader in our industry"

    Victoria Carruth Turtletown, TN
  • "He is well established and provides outstanding service."

    Frank Rubury Sparta, NJ
  • "Very professional and knowledgeable in financial dealings seeking the best results for his clients."

    Lawson Guffey Tampa, FL
  • "Mr. Stewart will respond to your request and needs appropriately and get back with you in a timely manner."

    Alison Reid Phoenix, AZ
  • "Greg brings a plethora of funding options across a range of industries and was able to take care of my finance needs."

    Rajiv Ramchandran Spring, TX

Creative Global Funding Services Inc. (“CGFS”) is a company based in Canada that specializes in assisting business owners to source capital for their businesses and projects on a worldwide basis. CGFS has relationships with hundreds of private lenders and investors. CGFS can assist you with sourcing loans, a blend of debt and equity or all equity. CGFS is also a direct lender in the USA for Fix and Flips, Rental Property Acquisitions, Vacation Rental Properties, Acquisitions and Refinance of Rental Portfolios, and Commercial Loans.

CGFS can source funding for pre revenue businesses, businesses in Chapter 11, businesses that wish to grow, mergers and acquisitions, ground up construction, solar projects, wind farms, government infrastructure projects and many more.

CGFS also has sources that can monetize financial instruments including but not limited to Stand By Letters of Credit (SBLCs), Bank Guarantees (BG), Certificates of Deposits (CDs), Collateralized Mortgage Options (CMOs), Publicly Traded Bonds and Stocks, Treasury Strips (T-Strips). In addition to monetizing financial instruments, CGFS has sources that can monetize Gold, Diamonds, Nickle Wire, Copper Isotopes and cryptocurrency.

CGFS has funding sources that will provide capital on a worldwide basis except for countries that are under sanction by the USA or in an active war zone. All industries are acceptable except for those that are illegal in the jurisdiction they are located in.

The path to application for funding is very simple, simply click on the flashing Apply Now Icon (Desktop) or the flashing + Sign on your mobile and submit your initial application.